New Goal

It’s currently closing time at the bars, and yet I have been in front of my computer for the past 2.5 hours. My training will certainly suffer tomorrow, but for whatever reason I cannot sleep. I am sure that staring at a bright screen is not helping.

I’d like to post on this twice a month. That seems like a reasonable goal, yes? Will force me to do more than a race report, and it is a measurable, attainable goal that can then be improved upon (perhaps once a week?).

Blogs are little silly, when you think about them. I am writing for the world to see, and yet I have no idea who is reading it, or what they are doing with that information. The world we live in, sheesh.

Let’s wrap this one up. I’ve got the remainder of my schedule worked out for the year – Bassman in NJ on Oct 7, and then Miami Man on Nov 11. That will make 4x HIM races this year, 3x Sprint, and 1x Olympic. Tentatively I will race IMAZ next fall/winter. It is about one month after Las Vegas (70.3 World Championships), and would seem to fit in well in terms of continuing to build all next year towards it. I am excited for these new challenges and am getting stoked for Timberman (only 3 weeks away)!


A Different Kind of RR – U23 World Rowing Championships

Sunset in Trakai, Lithuania ~ 22:30 local time

So, does anyone read this? If you do, you may have noticed a significant amount of time passed (even by my own standards) between the posting of Philly Tri Day 1 (Sprint) and Philly Tri Day 2 (Olympic). Besides the obvious reason that I am not particularly attentive to updating this blog on a regular (or even semi-regular basis), the biggest reason was something pretty awesome happened in the meantime.

On Wednesday, June 27th, my younger brother Jonathan won the Lightweight Men’s 1x at the U23 World Championship Trials at Mercer Lake, just outside of Princeton, and where he first learned to row in the spring of 2005. That win was the coolest thing I have ever gotten to experience first hand, watching the first 1500m of the race on my iPhone via ustream, and standing, watching him come past the 1750m marker with a 1/2 length open on the field. I was in total cheerleader/proud Dad mode – screaming for him, jumping up and down, carrying on as if I had any control of the outcome. As he rowed past me, I sprinted down to the finish line just in time to watch him cross the line. I don’t know how to put this more elegantly or better capture my feelings – it was SO cool. My little brother, officially a representative of the United States in international competition.

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Philly Tri Olympic Distance – June 24

Armed with a brand new Garmin 910xt (shout-out to Danzien & Quigley over in Cherry Hill, NJ!) and an altered aero-bar water bottle setup (shout-out to Breakaway Bikes), I rolled out of bed on Sunday for a rinse & repeat edition of the Philly Tri. The water was again non-wetsuit legal, so I packed my speedsuit and my two-piece SNR kit for the race. I decided that I wanted to approach this race as a true training session for HIM races, so I was willing to take the extra seconds to take off the speed suit.

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