Why Do You (I) Do This?

So, I love email chains. LOVE them. I’ve got two going in my inbox right now, one with my best friends from college (somewhere in the ~500 emails range), and another with my two best friends that I’ve known my entire life (~100 emails). We all grew up in Pittstown, and have since gone on to move out of the bubble into entirely new walks of life – one to Utah, via a couple of NBA teams, one to Philly via teaching, and one to Boston as a personal trainer, via being a former fatty (his own words) and biologist. The only rule for the email chains is that everyone has to send one email per week. It’s fun, and creates a lot of dialogue and ultimately helps to keep me connected with friends all over the country.

In the email chain with my two friends from Pittstown, we started talking about triathlons and why we do what we do. With their permission, I’ve copied the emails below, leaving everything un-edited, only changing names. As my friend points out, its cool to see how competitive drive manifests amongst people.

Hope you enjoy!

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The Week That Was – Ending 08/26/12

This was brief, since my week was pretty light on events.

Between M & T, I saw a chiropractor (everything was too tight/inflamed for him to do much good), had a massage, got acupuncture, and did a ton of foam rolling and stretching. Started to feel mildly better by W, and tried running 4 miles on R. Followed up with a 60′ light recovery bike ride on F, but by this point I had developed a pretty bad cold. No work over the weekend, as I spent the majority of my time resting and trying to beat back the cold.

So that’s pretty much it. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle (literally and figuratively) this week and getting ready for Bassman, which is 6 weeks away.

Sorry this one is boring. I do have a good email exchange that I will post later in the week between me and some friends discussing why we do some of the workouts/training that we do.

Timberman 70.3 – August 19

Pre-Race: Up at 4:45, for a quick breakfast of a bagel and peanut butter and some Honey Stinger Waffles. It was chilly outside, so I threw on a couple extra layers to stay warm. Left the hotel just after 5 and drove to the course, where we parked less than a 1/4 mile from transition in a local’s driveway. Got my bike setup, went over to the lake, had a quick dip in the water to check the temperature and get a faux warmup in, then came out and sat around for awhile. I was the last wave to go, so there was plenty of time for bathroom breaks and stretching.

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The Week That Was – Ending 08/19/12

Taper weeks aren’t fun, especially with nerves about the stability of one’s knee for the duration of his strongest aspect of the race (the bike).

M: 4mi run aerobic, a few small hill climbs, and then dinner with some family friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Dropped my bike off at Breakaway Bikes to give it one final look over. They were also going to brainstorm my ideas and causes for my knee pains.

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The Week That Was – Ending 08/12/12

A fairly uneventful week as I start to wind down getting ready for Timberman.

M: Busy day in the office, so the two workouts got condensed into an aqua-run workout. In the afternoon: 3mi aerobic run to the pool, swim, 3mi aerobic run home. While 6 miles is nothing fancy, I’m starting to finally see some benefits from all of these <155bpm runs… my first ever was ~10’/mi, and these ones were in the 9:20s, with a lower HR. Swim workout (SCM):

200 WU, 4×50 descending

500, 400, 300, 200, 100 at race pace. Short rest in between.

200 CD.

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