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“Speak to someone after the race. And what’s the first thing they talk to you about? They don’t tell you about how wonderful they felt at 4 miles. They go, ‘Oh man, at 10 miles, I didn’t think I was going to finish.’ So they always grasp on to that moment, that painful moment, so that’s the whole reason we do it – that’s the drug. It’s that pain. So whether you believe it or not, that’s the purity of endurance racing. That’s why we’re all here. We’re all asking ourselves the question of how we react, how we deal with ourselves at that moment.” – Chris McCormack


The above quote is taken from the newest installement of Ali’i Drive, a series of short YouTube clips that IronmanTriathlon has been producing as promos for Kona. One day I’ll be racing there. In the meantime, here is the full video:


The Week That Was – Ending 09/22/12

Writing this Monday morning, and I feel like my brain has completely turned to mush after a relaxing 36 hours of time off. Having completed this week of running, I have now run 24 out of the past 28 days – and while I don’t normally track these things, that is definitely the most running I have ever done. As they say in Surrender Town, I am le tired. Backing off a little bit and getting some rest in while getting ready to rock Bassman!

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The Week That Was – Ending 09/16/12

Sunday evening, came home to a wonderful surprise from my girlfriend, who had decorated my room with signs and birthday cards and balloons, and had also been kind enough to scatter birthday confetti all over my room. I am still finding that stuff one week later, and holy hell do I hate it.

She got me a cool Holy Cross cycling jersey, and a really nice Michael Kors watch. Both are dope presents, and she did a great job of finding things that I would want but would never buy for myself!

We also had some cake, and my fatness growth continued.

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The Week That Was – Ending in 09/09/12

This week was kind of a mess from a training perspective. Going into it, I knew I’d be missing a fair amount of workouts because a. at the end of the week I was leaving for OBX to spend the weekend with my “ho-cro-row-bros,” and leading up to that, I had a lot of things I needed to get done. That being said, I was determined to not let my running fall by the wayside, but ultimately that was about all that didn’t fall off.

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The Week That Was – Ending 09/02/12

So when we last left off, I was having a sucky time recovering from Timberman. Luckily, last week was a really good step back in the right direction, and for a first week back, I felt it was one of my best weeks of training, at least from the direction of accomplishing what I wanted to do.

I have 11 weeks (including this week I’m posting about), I believe, until my last big race – Miami Man, with another HIM distance race (Bassman) thrown in right around the half way mark. In those 11 weeks, I fully intend to throw everything I can into running and trying to improve my¬†embarrassing¬†run performance. I don’t expect to throw down any kind of epic runs, but breaking 1:40 would be huge for me. Normally, I would scoff at any coach that decided to change his/her training plan 3/4 of the way through the season with the expectation of having better results… but lucky for me, I haven’t had any kind of real training plan for running, thus no training plan to “change!”

The plan that I intend to follow was written by a poster on Slowtwitch named Barry P, and seems to be very popular. The basics of it:

1. Run 6 times a week. 3 short runs, 2 medium runs, 1 long run. The medium run is twice the short run, and the long run is thrice the short run. So 3:2:1 in terms of types of runs, with distance ratios of 1:2:3. That is the very basic, short version of it. Please go and read more about it, because I am not explaining nearly enough about it. The general goal is to build volume in very manageable blocks (who ever thinks that running 2.5 miles, 3 times a week, is hard?). My mileage will build up over time to exceed any mileage I hit during the summer, and the secondary goal will be to be very consisten in my mileage. My pacing is based off of McMillan Running. I used my Broad Street Run split as my current time, which is aggressive and does not at all take into account my “off the bike legs” but I feel that the pacing is more suitable for me.

So yea, thats it! On to the good stuff.

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