The Week That Was – 10/28/12

I’ll try to keep this concise. Hurricane/Tropical storm Sandy has been pretty devastating up and down the east coast, and although Philly was fairly fortunate in the limited damage it took, it is pretty horrifying to see pictures of the shore and parts of NYC. My prayers go out to friends that have seen their lives be put on hold while they deal with the aftermath.

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The Time Someone Threatened to Sue me for Selling my Boat

What follows below is a recap of an event that happened to me a month or so ago: I decided to sell my boat, had one guy offer to buy it, took a high offer, and then had to deal with guy number 1 being quite upset that there was a higher bidder. It’s kind of long, but if nothing else, scroll down to the italicized section to read the email he sent me. Enjoy!

The Week That Was – Ending 10/21/12

Been a little while since I updated this jawn. Last week was a recovery week, with some unofficial, casual workouts in – pretty much my rule for the recovery week is no planning ahead of workouts, just do whatever I want, so long as I am doing something. This week that I’m recapping was the first week of my final (!) 4 week cycle leading into Miami Man, and the goal of this cycle was to build a little more bike speed, as well as keep building the run miles. And maintain swim speed. A lot, but I’m paying close attention to my body to ensure that it stays healthy.

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Bassman Half Race Recap – 10/07/12


Finish Line

Well, this was interesting.

After Timberman, as I was scheduling the remainder of my season, I had marked Bassman as a “B” race, and Miami Man an “A” race. However, as I was going through my training leading up to Bassman, I could feel my body getting hit with a wave of exhaustion, so backing off ultimately led to a taper for Bassman. That’s fine, I’ll go balls out anyway, and we’ll see who’s left standing at the end of the day.

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