The Week That Was – Ending 02/17/13

Slacker alert!

Not from training. Just from getting this blog post done in a timely fashion. Nothing exciting to report, as best I can tell. I think Brian has effectively turned my brain into mush, which he probably very excited about since I tend to want to analyze every single second of every single workout I do.

S: 13,200yaters (thats yards + meters!), 251′
B: 147.97mi, 480′
R: 44.87mi, 371′

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The Week That Was – Ending 02/10/13

It’s taken me awhile to post this, and maybe it’s because we took our first step backward, and maybe it’s just been because I’ve been tired/busy/lazy/_____. Funny, I wrote “we” in that last sentence, and the plural use of that refers to Brian, because his support and help have been crucial in my training this season. I’ve always had very close relationships with my coaches throughout my years (this really deserves a separate blog post), and I’ve always trained and raced to make those coaches proud. So anytime I have a down week, I always feel, to some extent, like I’ve let my coach down as well as myself. Let’s get to the numbers, and then I’ll continue my train of thought.

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The Week That Was – Ending 02/03/13

To my knowledge, there’s no deep self-analysis coming in this post. Just a recap of a long week of training, with lots of hard work. I set new records for weekly distances covered in running (definitely), swimming (definitely), and biking (most likely). The only reason I can’t confirm the biking numbers is because I’m OCD about my numbers, so I always run both my 910xt and my Edge 500 (in the event that a button gets pressed and the workout gets screwed up), and as a result my Garmin Connect numbers often have duplicate workouts. If anyone has suggestions on how to remedy this, feel free to share!

S: 14,950m, 323′
B: 191.14mi, 600′
R: 39.41mi, 335′

On to some more stuff…

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