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July & August Update

A lot has happened in the past weeks since my last posting (just over 8 weeks has gone by, in fact!), and my ability to juggle multiple hats has been pushed to the limits in that time period. Fortunately, I believe that I’ve gotten past the worst point, and my stress levels should lessen from here on out, or at the least, not get worse. The hats I was juggling probably aren’t that different from most people in my shoes, whomever those people might be, but they started to wear on me. In no particular order: GMAT prep class, GMAT exam prep, GMAT exam, thinking about b-school applications, training, work and earning additional responsibilities, trying to enjoy the summer, travel to Vancouver for a cousin’s wedding and then Milwaukee for these races, trying to be a good family member and friend, and constant concerns and thoughts about the future and how all of these hats will tie into my future. There is good to take from all of this, though. This summer has finally forced me to prioritize things and say “no” to people, which isn’t something I like doing. I suspect that many triathletes face a similar struggle, and ultimately, the more hats you have, the less quality work and time you can put into each one. I’ve always known that I like to tiptoe on the line of busy-but-not-pulling-my-hair-out-stressed, but this summer I finally felt myself losing my balance. So, I had to make the challenging, and not enjoyable, decision to de-prioritize some things from my calendar, including taking some things completely off. But instead of being sad about that, I’ll reflect back on all of this as a chance to grow and develop as a person, as well as make sure that the things I am continuing to concentrate on hold a greater amount of my attention, effort, and energy, so there’s the good! Continue reading July & August Update

The Time Someone Threatened to Sue me for Selling my Boat

What follows below is a recap of an event that happened to me a month or so ago: I decided to sell my boat, had one guy offer to buy it, took a high offer, and then had to deal with guy number 1 being quite upset that there was a higher bidder. It’s kind of long, but if nothing else, scroll down to the italicized section to read the email he sent me. Enjoy!

Quote of the Day

“Speak to someone after the race. And what’s the first thing they talk to you about? They don’t tell you about how wonderful they felt at 4 miles. They go, ‘Oh man, at 10 miles, I didn’t think I was going to finish.’ So they always grasp on to that moment, that painful moment, so that’s the whole reason we do it – that’s the drug. It’s that pain. So whether you believe it or not, that’s the purity of endurance racing. That’s why we’re all here. We’re all asking ourselves the question of how we react, how we deal with ourselves at that moment.” – Chris McCormack


The above quote is taken from the newest installement of Ali’i Drive, a series of short YouTube clips that IronmanTriathlon has been producing as promos for Kona. One day I’ll be racing there. In the meantime, here is the full video:


Why Do You (I) Do This?

So, I love email chains. LOVE them. I’ve got two going in my inbox right now, one with my best friends from college (somewhere in the ~500 emails range), and another with my two best friends that I’ve known my entire life (~100 emails). We all grew up in Pittstown, and have since gone on to move out of the bubble into entirely new walks of life – one to Utah, via a couple of NBA teams, one to Philly via teaching, and one to Boston as a personal trainer, via being a former fatty (his own words) and biologist. The only rule for the email chains is that everyone has to send one email per week. It’s fun, and creates a lot of¬†dialogue¬†and ultimately helps to keep me connected with friends all over the country.

In the email chain with my two friends from Pittstown, we started talking about triathlons and why we do what we do. With their permission, I’ve copied the emails below, leaving everything un-edited, only changing names. As my friend points out, its cool to see how competitive drive manifests amongst people.

Hope you enjoy!

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