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Syracuse 70.3 – June 23

Well, I’m getting this up less than 7 days after the race, which unfortunately isn’t really a good thing because (in this case) I’m trying to capture my recollections surrounding the race, wash my hands of it, and move on to the next race, which is TBD. My teammate Chris Hague, who stayed with me in Syracuse, had a far better day than I, winning 20-24 AG by almost 30 minutes and punching his Vegas ticket. You can read his RR here, but more importantly, read his “Prelude to a Race Report” to understand how I intend to write my report. Obviously, its a bit easier to write a RR when things went well, and harder when you didn’t race well. But I will press on.

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The Week That Was – Ending 03/31, 04/07, 04/14, 04/21

At least I have a valid excuse this time — shortly after my last blog post, I spilled a drink on my laptop. Sent it off for repairs, which took 3 weeks. I got it back and the keyboard still hasn’t been fixed, so I will shortly be calling to complain and get this sorted out. Spoiler alert: there will probably be another delay with the next blog post going up. Couple updates on things after the weekly updates.

S: 11450y, 191′
B: 125.25mi, 446′
R: 36.04mi, 290′

S: 7550y, 121′
B: 43.36mi, 160′
R: 21.57mi, 174′

S: 10850y, 172′
B: 135.17mi, 478′
R: 43.09mi, 350′

S: 3800y, 48′
B: 165mi, 549′
R: 29.10mi, 236′

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