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The Week That Was – Ending 09/02/12

So when we last left off, I was having a sucky time recovering from Timberman. Luckily, last week was a really good step back in the right direction, and for a first week back, I felt it was one of my best weeks of training, at least from the direction of accomplishing what I wanted to do.

I have 11 weeks (including this week I’m posting about), I believe, until my last big race – Miami Man, with another HIM distance race (Bassman) thrown in right around the half way mark. In those 11 weeks, I fully intend to throw everything I can into running and trying to improve my¬†embarrassing¬†run performance. I don’t expect to throw down any kind of epic runs, but breaking 1:40 would be huge for me. Normally, I would scoff at any coach that decided to change his/her training plan 3/4 of the way through the season with the expectation of having better results… but lucky for me, I haven’t had any kind of real training plan for running, thus no training plan to “change!”

The plan that I intend to follow was written by a poster on Slowtwitch named Barry P, and seems to be very popular. The basics of it:

1. Run 6 times a week. 3 short runs, 2 medium runs, 1 long run. The medium run is twice the short run, and the long run is thrice the short run. So 3:2:1 in terms of types of runs, with distance ratios of 1:2:3. That is the very basic, short version of it. Please go and read more about it, because I am not explaining nearly enough about it. The general goal is to build volume in very manageable blocks (who ever thinks that running 2.5 miles, 3 times a week, is hard?). My mileage will build up over time to exceed any mileage I hit during the summer, and the secondary goal will be to be very consisten in my mileage. My pacing is based off of McMillan Running. I used my Broad Street Run split as my current time, which is aggressive and does not at all take into account my “off the bike legs” but I feel that the pacing is more suitable for me.

So yea, thats it! On to the good stuff.

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