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Ironman Florida – November 2

As I was racing at IMFL, I had a lot of time to myself, and whenever I needed it, I had a laundry list of people that I could imagine were biking, running, or walking next to me, encouraging me to keep moving forward. You’d be surprised how quickly 10 hours and 26 minutes can go by when you are surrounded by friends and family. Sidebar: You’d also be surprised to know how long it can take to cover miles 23-26.2 when you can’t even move at 10:00/mi pace (spoiler: more than 30 minutes). So, while Tim Ferguson¬†already published his RR in the form of a series of thank you notes, I’m going to provide a similar RR, because the distance and magnitude of a race like this cannot be undertaken by a single person. It takes a village, as the saying goes.

You’ll notice that the village consists of both companies and individuals. It’s a shame that I feel the need to clarify this, but I don’t receive any financial support from anyone below in exchange for their mention. Performance has always been what is most important to me, so I’ve only ever partnered with products/services that I felt would help me obtain my goals. Like I did on FB, I’ve listed everyone below in alphabetical order.

I’ve thrown some pictures in because 2200 words is a lot to digest (I’m warning you now), so hopefully the pictures help!

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Quote of the Day

“Speak to someone after the race. And what’s the first thing they talk to you about? They don’t tell you about how wonderful they felt at 4 miles. They go, ‘Oh man, at 10 miles, I didn’t think I was going to finish.’ So they always grasp on to that moment, that painful moment, so that’s the whole reason we do it – that’s the drug. It’s that pain. So whether you believe it or not, that’s the purity of endurance racing. That’s why we’re all here. We’re all asking ourselves the question of how we react, how we deal with ourselves at that moment.” – Chris McCormack


The above quote is taken from the newest installement of Ali’i Drive, a series of short YouTube clips that IronmanTriathlon has been producing as promos for Kona. One day I’ll be racing there. In the meantime, here is the full video: