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The Week That Was – Ending 02/24/13 & 03/03/13

So after my last post about being tired and lazy about posting, I followed up by not even posting for the following week. The good news is I get two weeks of stuff to post, which hopefully means I have at least one interesting story to share (and I do!). Race season kind of sort of finally started, with an individual time trial at the end of the first week, and then a swim meet all day Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. As such, my numbers look a bit down, but thats okay.

Ending 02/24/13:
S: 14,250 yarters, 350′
B: 166.34mi, 540′
R: 39mi, 325′

Ending 03/03/13:
S: 10,750 yarters plus a bunch more warming up/cooling down, 187′ plus a lot more
B: 66.63mi, 210′
R: 37.74mi, 316′

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