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Miami Man Half Iron – 11/11/12

Results Here

Spoiler alert: 1st AG, 7th OA, 04:46:45

After a decent night of sleep (at least by my “night before the race” standards) I was up at 4:45a for a peanut butter bagel and some Honey Stinger waffles. Drank some water, got in the car, and got on our way. Made it down there, parked, and walked over to transition. Although I cringe every time I have to leave my bike outside over night, it is so much easier to not have to carry it in that morning… my hands are full as it is! Got my transition area set up, mean mugged all the people on my rack (all my competitors… booya!), and stretched and hung out, listening to Explosions in the Sky. Got my wetsuit on, walked over to the swim in area, handed my phone over to Kevin with instructions to live tweet the day, and off we went!

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The Week That Was – Ending 10/21/12

Been a little while since I updated this jawn. Last week was a recovery week, with some unofficial, casual workouts in – pretty much my rule for the recovery week is no planning ahead of workouts, just do whatever I want, so long as I am doing something. This week that I’m recapping was the first week of my final (!) 4 week cycle leading into Miami Man, and the goal of this cycle was to build a little more bike speed, as well as keep building the run miles. And maintain swim speed. A lot, but I’m paying close attention to my body to ensure that it stays healthy.

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The Week That Was – Ending 09/02/12

So when we last left off, I was having a sucky time recovering from Timberman. Luckily, last week was a really good step back in the right direction, and for a first week back, I felt it was one of my best weeks of training, at least from the direction of accomplishing what I wanted to do.

I have 11 weeks (including this week I’m posting about), I believe, until my last big race – Miami Man, with another HIM distance race (Bassman) thrown in right around the half way mark. In those 11 weeks, I fully intend to throw everything I can into running and trying to improve my¬†embarrassing¬†run performance. I don’t expect to throw down any kind of epic runs, but breaking 1:40 would be huge for me. Normally, I would scoff at any coach that decided to change his/her training plan 3/4 of the way through the season with the expectation of having better results… but lucky for me, I haven’t had any kind of real training plan for running, thus no training plan to “change!”

The plan that I intend to follow was written by a poster on Slowtwitch named Barry P, and seems to be very popular. The basics of it:

1. Run 6 times a week. 3 short runs, 2 medium runs, 1 long run. The medium run is twice the short run, and the long run is thrice the short run. So 3:2:1 in terms of types of runs, with distance ratios of 1:2:3. That is the very basic, short version of it. Please go and read more about it, because I am not explaining nearly enough about it. The general goal is to build volume in very manageable blocks (who ever thinks that running 2.5 miles, 3 times a week, is hard?). My mileage will build up over time to exceed any mileage I hit during the summer, and the secondary goal will be to be very consisten in my mileage. My pacing is based off of McMillan Running. I used my Broad Street Run split as my current time, which is aggressive and does not at all take into account my “off the bike legs” but I feel that the pacing is more suitable for me.

So yea, thats it! On to the good stuff.

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