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USAT Age Group Nationals – August 10

I feel pretty bad getting almost 3 months after the race, but oh well. I’m going to cheat a little bit in my race reports, as 1. I probably don’t remember a lot of the details, 2. I don’t think there is a ton of valuable insight that I can offer into these two courses that can’t be found elsewhere on the interwebs, 3. a quick RR is easier to write than a not-quick RR, and lastly, 4. I like how Joe Gambles has started doing his. So, without further ado, let’s bang this bitch out.

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Quassy Olympic – June 1

Pre-Race: Quassy had been on my schedule all season long for numerous reasons. First, it would be three weeks before Syracuse, and offered a similar course profile (albeit shorter). Second, I really wanted to do a Revolution 3 race after hearing such great things about their company. Third, it was an official Wattie Ink East Coast event; Heather Jackson would be racing, which meant Wattie would be in attendance, and I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to meet them both, as well as a number of my teammates, especially at a race only a few hours away by car.

I drove up to Connecticut on Thursday, and then Friday went over to the course and got checked in, drove the bike course, and racked my bike. The course was rolling hills and climbs and descents, and I was excited about it as a chance to really push my competitors. I got a chance to briefly meet 2 teammates, Dave & Chris, and then went back to Danbury to have dinner and rest.

In the morning I drove over, finalized my bike prep, and then headed down to the swim start. I jumped in the water to quickly check the temperature and get a brief warmup in, and then got to the front of my group for when they called us.

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Wildman Olympic Triathlon – 03/09/13

This is very long overdue, and for that I apologize. I’m trying to crank this out in the 30′ window I have between having finished my run (and eating breakfast) and heading to the pool for a long swim.

Wildman came about because I was looking for an excuse to not leave Florida as early as I had planned, and Steve Houston had said he might be racing. Looked it up – cheap entry, not too far away from Disney, sold. The week leading up to the race was busy as I had to pack all of my stuff into bags and into my car, and do it in an organized manner so that when I got to Orlando I could quickly unpack everything, since I’d need the space in my car to put my bike in the back (never drive with a bike on a bike rack if it has deep dish wheels and/or a disk on!).

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The Week That Was – Ending 08/12/12

A fairly uneventful week as I start to wind down getting ready for Timberman.

M: Busy day in the office, so the two workouts got condensed into an aqua-run workout. In the afternoon: 3mi aerobic run to the pool, swim, 3mi aerobic run home. While 6 miles is nothing fancy, I’m starting to finally see some benefits from all of these <155bpm runs… my first ever was ~10’/mi, and these ones were in the 9:20s, with a lower HR. Swim workout (SCM):

200 WU, 4×50 descending

500, 400, 300, 200, 100 at race pace. Short rest in between.

200 CD.

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Philly Tri Olympic Distance – June 24

Armed with a brand new Garmin 910xt (shout-out to Danzien & Quigley over in Cherry Hill, NJ!) and an altered aero-bar water bottle setup (shout-out to Breakaway Bikes), I rolled out of bed on Sunday for a rinse & repeat edition of the Philly Tri. The water was again non-wetsuit legal, so I packed my speedsuit and my two-piece SNR kit for the race. I decided that I wanted to approach this race as a true training session for HIM races, so I was willing to take the extra seconds to take off the speed suit.

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