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July & August Update

A lot has happened in the past weeks since my last posting (just over 8 weeks has gone by, in fact!), and my ability to juggle multiple hats has been pushed to the limits in that time period. Fortunately, I believe that I’ve gotten past the worst point, and my stress levels should lessen from here on out, or at the least, not get worse. The hats I was juggling probably aren’t that different from most people in my shoes, whomever those people might be, but they started to wear on me. In no particular order: GMAT prep class, GMAT exam prep, GMAT exam, thinking about b-school applications, training, work and earning additional responsibilities, trying to enjoy the summer, travel to Vancouver for a cousin’s wedding and then Milwaukee for these races, trying to be a good family member and friend, and constant concerns and thoughts about the future and how all of these hats will tie into my future. There is good to take from all of this, though. This summer has finally forced me to prioritize things and say “no” to people, which isn’t something I like doing. I suspect that many triathletes face a similar struggle, and ultimately, the more hats you have, the less quality work and time you can put into each one. I’ve always known that I like to tiptoe on the line of busy-but-not-pulling-my-hair-out-stressed, but this summer I finally felt myself losing my balance. So, I had to make the challenging, and not enjoyable, decision to de-prioritize some things from my calendar, including taking some things completely off. But instead of being sad about that, I’ll reflect back on all of this as a chance to grow and develop as a person, as well as make sure that the things I am continuing to concentrate on hold a greater amount of my attention, effort, and energy, so there’s the good! Continue reading July & August Update

The Week That Was – Ending 04/28, 05/05, 05/12, 05/19

It’s finally race season, and the video above accurately depicts how fucking stoked I feel about it! With two races under my belt since my last update, I suppose it’s time that I update this thing again. So, what’s the excuse this time? Well, lack of time, I suppose. [insert long paragraph here about all of my time¬†commitments]. Regardless, I need to get back on the weekly grind of doing this. Some of the highlights of the past couple of weeks include:

  • Two races,¬†two podiums
  • Winning a cash prize at one race
  • Getting to race in my Wattie Ink. kit for the first time
  • Throwing down some nasty swim and run PRs
  • Receiving my Blueseventy Helix wetsuit just in time for my first race (see above)
  • Seeing my BFFs in Worcester and seeing HCMR race well at Eastern Sprints
  • Seeing my brother’s last collegiate race in Philly
  • Starting GMAT prep classes (Austin here I come!)
  • having a work assignment be “order a giant ass check”
  • getting told I need to re-test FTP

On to the numbers…

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The Week That Was – Ending 03/31, 04/07, 04/14, 04/21

At least I have a valid excuse this time — shortly after my last blog post, I spilled a drink on my laptop. Sent it off for repairs, which took 3 weeks. I got it back and the keyboard still hasn’t been fixed, so I will shortly be calling to complain and get this sorted out. Spoiler alert: there will probably be another delay with the next blog post going up. Couple updates on things after the weekly updates.

S: 11450y, 191′
B: 125.25mi, 446′
R: 36.04mi, 290′

S: 7550y, 121′
B: 43.36mi, 160′
R: 21.57mi, 174′

S: 10850y, 172′
B: 135.17mi, 478′
R: 43.09mi, 350′

S: 3800y, 48′
B: 165mi, 549′
R: 29.10mi, 236′

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The Week That Was – Ending 03/10/13, 03/17/13, and 03/24/13

Definitely going to tag this post with “slacker.” I’ll chalk some of the delay up to coming home from Florida, plus getting settled back in, plus getting slammed with work, plus being generally unmotivated as the cold weather has sucked ass for training. Quick recap on the previous weeks, and then some more stuff.

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Philly Tri Olympic Distance – June 24

Armed with a brand new Garmin 910xt (shout-out to Danzien & Quigley over in Cherry Hill, NJ!) and an altered aero-bar water bottle setup (shout-out to Breakaway Bikes), I rolled out of bed on Sunday for a rinse & repeat edition of the Philly Tri. The water was again non-wetsuit legal, so I packed my speedsuit and my two-piece SNR kit for the race. I decided that I wanted to approach this race as a true training session for HIM races, so I was willing to take the extra seconds to take off the speed suit.

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