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Generic Update on 2014

I feel the need to post something after discussing with Emily why all triathletes feel the need to have a website, the value of it, what her goals should be, etc etc. Anyway, figured now might be a good time to check on this ol’ bad boy, which has been dormant for pretty much the entire season.

That’s okay though, because I’ve been doing a pretty okay job documenting my athletic accomplishments via Twitter (look to the left) and Instagram (look to the right). I try to be respectful enough of FB, which has my largest network of friends, and limit the posting there.

So, anyone reading this probably knows how my season went. I couldn’t run for a long time, so I started bike racing. I won a lot at the cat 5 & 4 level, and moved up to 3 by the end of the season, and I think I can move up to 2 next season. Lots of highlights and fun with the bike racing, I can only say I wish I got into it sooner.

I finally got my leg healthy after DNS/not even entering 5 races, and managed to scrape together a last minute season.  The highlight, of course, being racing at my “hometown” race, Princeton 70.3, and coming 2nd in my AG, and qualifying for 70.3 World Championships next year in Zell am See-Kaprun. That’s Austria (not the land down under). All focus is on that for next year.

I’m currently quite plump, and am slowly starting to work that off, but it’s a lot easier to put it on then get it off. Fortunately, my main focus is running faster, which is also the best way to lose weight. I suppose not drinking a bunch and eating greasy/BBQ food will also help. #offseason

I do, at the bare minimum, need to thank some people, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ll try and get that out in the next few weeks. Fortunately, those people all know who they are, so the post will be more for me to publicly praise them – which each one of them deserves, anyway.

I wish I could commit to writing more frequently on here, but I can’t, so I won’t. I’m sure that if I am healthy all next season, I’ll be more engaged in the sport(s) and feel the need to pat myself on the back more often, so maybe that will lead to more writing. Whenever I write, I think to myself, “gosh, it’s nice to have more than 140 characters to put my thoughts together, or not live in fear of being unfriended by 5 friends because I posted another picture of me in spandex.” But then I go 7 months without writing. So, we’ll see what happens. But in the mean time, I’ll keep working hard. Follow along on the two aforementioned social media apps.


The Week That Was – Ending 02/03/13

To my knowledge, there’s no deep self-analysis coming in this post. Just a recap of a long week of training, with lots of hard work. I set new records for weekly distances covered in running (definitely), swimming (definitely), and biking (most likely). The only reason I can’t confirm the biking numbers is because I’m OCD about my numbers, so I always run both my 910xt and my Edge 500 (in the event that a button gets pressed and the workout gets screwed up), and as a result my Garmin Connect numbers often have duplicate workouts. If anyone has suggestions on how to remedy this, feel free to share!

S: 14,950m, 323′
B: 191.14mi, 600′
R: 39.41mi, 335′

On to some more stuff…

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The Week That Was – Ending 09/22/12

Writing this Monday morning, and I feel like my brain has completely turned to mush after a relaxing 36 hours of time off. Having completed this week of running, I have now run 24 out of the past 28 days – and while I don’t normally track these things, that is definitely the most running I have ever done. As they say in Surrender Town, I am le tired. Backing off a little bit and getting some rest in while getting ready to rock Bassman!

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The Week That Was – Ending in 09/09/12

This week was kind of a mess from a training perspective. Going into it, I knew I’d be missing a fair amount of workouts because a. at the end of the week I was leaving for OBX to spend the weekend with my “ho-cro-row-bros,” and leading up to that, I had a lot of things I needed to get done. That being said, I was determined to not let my running fall by the wayside, but ultimately that was about all that didn’t fall off.

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