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Syracuse 70.3 – June 23

Well, I’m getting this up less than 7 days after the race, which unfortunately isn’t really a good thing because (in this case) I’m trying to capture my recollections surrounding the race, wash my hands of it, and move on to the next race, which is TBD. My teammate Chris Hague, who stayed with me in Syracuse, had a far better day than I, winning 20-24 AG by almost 30 minutes and punching his Vegas ticket. You can read his RR here, but more importantly, read his “Prelude to a Race Report” to understand how I intend to write my report. Obviously, its a bit easier to write a RR when things went well, and harder when you didn’t race well. But I will press on.

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The Week That Was – Ending 02/10/13

It’s taken me awhile to post this, and maybe it’s because we took our first step backward, and maybe it’s just been because I’ve been tired/busy/lazy/_____. Funny, I wrote “we” in that last sentence, and the plural use of that refers to Brian, because his support and help have been crucial in my training this season. I’ve always had very close relationships with my coaches throughout my years (this really deserves a separate blog post), and I’ve always trained and raced to make those coaches proud. So anytime I have a down week, I always feel, to some extent, like I’ve let my coach down as well as myself. Let’s get to the numbers, and then I’ll continue my train of thought.

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The Week That Was – Ending 01/13/13

The big event of this past week was getting packed up and headed down to Florida. I’m not sure whether it was the drive, my roommates, or all my friends catching a plague in Montreal, but basically as soon as the drive started, I started getting sick, and by the end of the trip I was completely demolished and my first big weekend of training was ruined. Ultimately, my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday workouts all became “20 minutes aerobic” for each day, which I was bummed about, but damned if I’m going to not listen to my coach. I wasn’t too happy about it, but used the time to rest and recover and get situated as best I could.

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The Week That Was – Ending 09/22/12

Writing this Monday morning, and I feel like my brain has completely turned to mush after a relaxing 36 hours of time off. Having completed this week of running, I have now run 24 out of the past 28 days – and while I don’t normally track these things, that is definitely the most running I have ever done. As they say in Surrender Town, I am le tired. Backing off a little bit and getting some rest in while getting ready to rock Bassman!

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The Week That Was – Ending 08/26/12

This was brief, since my week was pretty light on events.

Between M & T, I saw a chiropractor (everything was too tight/inflamed for him to do much good), had a massage, got acupuncture, and did a ton of foam rolling and stretching. Started to feel mildly better by W, and tried running 4 miles on R. Followed up with a 60′ light recovery bike ride on F, but by this point I had developed a pretty bad cold. No work over the weekend, as I spent the majority of my time resting and trying to beat back the cold.

So that’s pretty much it. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle (literally and figuratively) this week and getting ready for Bassman, which is 6 weeks away.

Sorry this one is boring. I do have a good email exchange that I will post later in the week between me and some friends discussing why we do some of the workouts/training that we do.