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The Week That Was – Ending 09/30/12

Not going to get into things now, as it’s Thursday evening. It was a boring week. Half a week of solid training before a absolute garbage run and swim in the middle of the week that I decided was my body telling me, “okay, I’ve had enough now.” Light workouts, and now we’re in a taper week this week, so more boring stuff.

Next up: Bassman Half on Sunday.

The Week That Was – Ending 08/19/12

Taper weeks aren’t fun, especially with nerves about the stability of one’s knee for the duration of his strongest aspect of the race (the bike).

M: 4mi run aerobic, a few small hill climbs, and then dinner with some family friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Dropped my bike off at Breakaway Bikes to give it one final look over. They were also going to brainstorm my ideas and causes for my knee pains.

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