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Florida Training Recap

This isn’t going to be long. I was curious what my total volume was for my time in Florida, so with the help of Garmin Connect and my own incessant blogging, I should be able to work that out. I left for Florida on Wednesday, January 9th, and arrived back in Philly on Monday, March 11th. I had a couple of sick days and travel days (that travel week down ended up being pretty much a wasted week), so lets call it 8 full weeks of training.

S: 81,400yarters, 1927′
B: 1205.8mi, 3836′
R: 298.48mi, 2499′

Total of 8,262 minutes, or 137 hours, 42 minutes. On average, that works out to 1,032.75′ a week, or 17 hours, 12′ a week.

The “average” training week looks like this (all of the numbers above divided by 8):
S: 10,175yarters, 240′
B: 150.73mi, 479′
R: 37.31mi, 312′

I have to give a big shoutout to Wellington Wahoos and Richard Garza for all the help with my swimming. Obviously I improved a lot in all three aspects, but the swim was largely due to having people to push me every morning, and Richard helping improve my stroke. I think the swim meet was one of the highlights of the entire trip, and I’m already looking forward to next winter and seeing how much faster everyone has gotten (and showing them how much faster I’ve gotten too!). Plus, I got some awesome tan lines on my legs from being able to swim outside in the sun (jammers, briefs, and speedos). Tan lines are always appreciated in January.

My run improved a ton as well, primarily because I ran a ton (by my own standards). Don’t believe me? My volume in 2 months is the equivalent to about 1/2 of my total (recorded) volume from all of last year! Obviously, the harder you work, the more success you see. I can only imagine what the coming months will have in store for me (and by months, I mean Brian/Brain).

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The Week That Was – Ending 02/24/13 & 03/03/13

So after my last post about being tired and lazy about posting, I followed up by not even posting for the following week. The good news is I get two weeks of stuff to post, which hopefully means I have at least one interesting story to share (and I do!). Race season kind of sort of finally started, with an individual time trial at the end of the first week, and then a swim meet all day Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. As such, my numbers look a bit down, but thats okay.

Ending 02/24/13:
S: 14,250 yarters, 350′
B: 166.34mi, 540′
R: 39mi, 325′

Ending 03/03/13:
S: 10,750 yarters plus a bunch more warming up/cooling down, 187′ plus a lot more
B: 66.63mi, 210′
R: 37.74mi, 316′

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West River Time Trial – Race Report

The full SNR report can be found here. All around fantastic showing by SNR.

My report from Saturday, June 02:

Since no one (GREG) would give me a location for this event, I biked up to the Please Touch Museum and found nothing up there. After making my way down to West River Drive, and getting a couple photos snapped of me as I la-de-da rode back to the start line, I got to check in. I warmed up on the run path along the Schuylkill River and earned one disapproving shout, but whatever, I’m wearing pink and I look good.