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Wildman Olympic Triathlon – 03/09/13

This is very long overdue, and for that I apologize. I’m trying to crank this out in the 30′ window I have between having finished my run (and eating breakfast) and heading to the pool for a long swim.

Wildman came about because I was looking for an excuse to not leave Florida as early as I had planned, and Steve Houston┬áhad said he might be racing. Looked it up – cheap entry, not too far away from Disney, sold. The week leading up to the race was busy as I had to pack all of my stuff into bags and into my car, and do it in an organized manner so that when I got to Orlando I could quickly unpack everything, since I’d need the space in my car to put my bike in the back (never drive with a bike on a bike rack if it has deep dish wheels and/or a disk on!).

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The Week That Was – Ending 02/03/13

To my knowledge, there’s no deep self-analysis coming in this post. Just a recap of a long week of training, with lots of hard work. I set new records for weekly distances covered in running (definitely), swimming (definitely), and biking (most likely). The only reason I can’t confirm the biking numbers is because I’m OCD about my numbers, so I always run both my 910xt and my Edge 500 (in the event that a button gets pressed and the workout gets screwed up), and as a result my Garmin Connect numbers often have duplicate workouts. If anyone has suggestions on how to remedy this, feel free to share!

S: 14,950m, 323′
B: 191.14mi, 600′
R: 39.41mi, 335′

On to some more stuff…

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