Be Great

“…it’s torturous because you know it’s a beautiful thing. I was young once, and I said, That’s beautiful and I want that. Wanting it is easy, but trying to be great—well, that’s absolutely torturous.”

-Philip Seymour Hoffman

Quote of the Day

“Speak to someone after the race. And what’s the first thing they talk to you about? They don’t tell you about how wonderful they felt at 4 miles. They go, ‘Oh man, at 10 miles, I didn’t think I was going to finish.’ So they always grasp on to that moment, that painful moment, so that’s the whole reason we do it – that’s the drug. It’s that pain. So whether you believe it or not, that’s the purity of endurance racing. That’s why we’re all here. We’re all asking ourselves the question of how we react, how we deal with ourselves at that moment.” – Chris McCormack


The above quote is taken from the newest installement of Ali’i Drive, a series of short YouTube clips that IronmanTriathlon has been producing as promos for Kona. One day I’ll be racing there. In the meantime, here is the full video: